December 30, 2009


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Continuing the audio adaptation of DC Comics' INFINITE CRISIS, with images I have added from the books and other sources.Chapter 3 posed a bit of a problem for me. This sequence in INFINITE CRISIS # 1 is told in one brief, tightly paneled page, whereas the audiobook has this scene greatly expanded. I decided to redesign the entire scene, and created my own background images for use in the video, as well as images of the characters from various other sources. As a matter of fact, there is only one image from the original page used in the entire video. Since I am now using chroma key software, and there is a lot more motion in the video, I am changing the name of the series to DC Comics INFINITE CRISIS: THE MOTION COMIC. When I began making these almost a year ago, I had never heard the phrase "motion comic" before. Since they were just pans and zooms of static images set against an audio background, I called it an audio/visual play (which really is what the earlier chapters are.) But with Chapter 3 this project has definitely moved into the realm of motion comic. At this rate, and as my skills advance and my software evolves, by the time I'm finished this series may well be a fully animated production!
DC Comics INFINITE CRISIS: THE MOTION COMIC is an entirely not-for-profit fan-made homage to DC Comics and their magnificent INFINITE CRISIS Saga. All characters are the sole property of DC Comics. Abolutely no rights are given or implied.

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