January 09, 2012

Doctor Who: End Game - The Motion Comic - Part 4

Can even the Doctor defeat the Toymaker AND an evil, twisted version of himself? It's the final move in End Game, and the winner takes all...

Last in a new four-part series of fan-made motion comic mini videos, from the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip series and Panini Books Graphic Novel, featuring my own fully dramatised vocal enactment and completely enhanced with music, sound and visual effects.

A Pandorica Pictures/Heroic Efforts Co-Production

Contains all four episodes
Approx 30 min total
592 MB, Divx/AVI
Download all three parts before extracting

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

To purchase the Panini Books Graphic Novel, visit:

Doctor Who: End Game - The Motion Comic is an entirely not-for-profit fan-made production. Absolutely no rights given or implied.


  1. Out of books, audios and comics I think DWM overall did the best arc.

    To see more stories like The Flood or even a whole arc would be great! Is this an ongoing thing?

  2. Very cool - out of all the mediums DWM definitely did the best Eighth Doctor storyline.

    Is this an ongoing thing? More stories would be great, especially stuff like The Flood!

  3. Thanks Danny, and yes, Pandorica Pictures and I will probably doing these sporadically throughout the year.