May 09, 2010

Doctor Who - The Bodysnatchers Audiobook

London, 1894.
Amid the fog, cold and degradation, a gruesome business is being conducted. The bodies of the dead are being stolen from their graves.
When the Eighth Doctor and Sam arrive, they are witness to a horrifying scene in the evil-smelling fog; something rises up from the filthy waters of the Thames and devours a man - a man on the run from the devil himself.
Soon they discover there is a far graver threat facing London than just earthly grave robbers. Deadly alien beings the Doctor has encountered before are at work, and they bring a whole new twist to the word 'bodysnatchers'...

Chapter 1: Fire and Brimstone - Preview:

DOWNLOAD Doctor Who - The Bodysnatchers Audiobook
Contains all 10 chapters plus epilogue and custom CD cover artwork. Approx 8 hours 1.06 GB, MP3 320 KBPS

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Doctor Who: The Bodysnatchers Audiobook is an entirely not-for-profit fan-made production. All characters, situations and logos are the sole property of the British Broadcasting Corporation and its subsidiaries. Absolutely no rights given or implied.



  1. could you move your stuff to rapidfire or mediafire since megaupload is gone?

  2. Hi there... Awesome work! Trying to download this one from 4shared but doesn't work...

  3. Greetings,

    I clicked on the link and got this: 'Doctor Who - The Bodysnatchers Audiobook (320 KBPS).part1.rar' is unavailable.This file was deleted.

    Is there a copy of this somewhere other than 4shared?

    Thank you

  4. The links are dead. Any chance of a reupload?