December 20, 2011

Doctor Who - Evergreen Audiobook - Heroic Efforts Christmas Special

In another Time, in another Place...
Following his awesome victory over Grandfather Paradox and the time travelling voodoo cult know as Faction Paradox, the Doctor, in his eighth incarnation, finds himself stranded in late nineteenth century England, with no memory of what he's done, or who he is. Adopting the name John, he wanders the countryside, hoping to find his destiny...

An amnesiac stranger named John comes to the aide of a recent widow at Christmas, and a village being terrorized by an unearthly creature...

Doctor Who Evergreen (00:36:13)

This story was to have been included with last year's Doctor Who - Tales of Christmas Past holiday offering; unfortunately I had grown too sick to make it at that time. I'm now offering it as this year's Christmas-themed audio. Enjoy!

Contains audio and CD cover
36 min approx
83.3 MB, MP3
320 KBPS

Part 1 of 1 *New link*

Doctor Who - Evergreen - Audiobook is adapted from the short story appearing in Doctor Who - Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury from Big Finish Publishing. To purchase the hardcover, visit:

Doctor Who - Evergreen - Audiobook is an entirely not-for-profit fan-made production. Absolutely no rights given or implied.

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